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  • Transparency is the new Black


    Gone are the days you could get away with clever marketing to convince customers to buy your product.  Consumers want to know who, what, where and how your product came to be and if it has any negative impact on the environment and boy are big business getting on board.

    Global brands such as Everlane are a great example with their mantra being ‘’Exception Quality, Ethical Factories. Radical Transparency.’’  They believe they can make a difference by using ethical factories, sourcing quality materials that will last,  and even breaking down the costs of each item and sharing the story to the consumer.Recently Country Road launched a Marino Wool campaign and teamed up with Oritain, the forensic fingerprint specialists.  Oritain can DNA test your product and tell you exactly where it came from.  Guaranteeing you authenticity and eliminating any chance of counterfeitingHow refreshing that big companies are taking responsibility for what they are producing.  Consumers really resonate with the heritage of a brand and the story of why and how they started.When Feyre Home was just an idea we had a certain criterion that we needed to tick. Our previous experience dealing with department stores was disappointing so we decided to do things our way.The first one was to care...  It was not all about the numbers on the spreadsheet.  Not saying we were careless; we just wanted to have a high quality product and add as much detail as we could.  When dealing with Department Stores adding details are the first thing to get cut when you have to make a product to a price. Details like our Top and Bottom labels on the Fitted sheet, extra thick elastic, spare buttons on the Duvet’s inner label and Internal ties so you can attach your Doona to it and keep it in place. We didn’t want our bedlinen suffocating in plastic either, so we designed a beautiful gift box made from recycled materials and fully recyclable.We needed to source the best quality cotton in the world and we were prepared to pay top dollar for it.  We originally believed Egyptian Cotton was the best but found there was not enough transparency behind it, following the scandal involving leading manufacturer Welspun who labelled their product to Target USA as Egyptian Cotton but was far from it. I then discovered that any cotton grown in Egypt can be labelled and marketed as Egyptian, even the worst grade of cotton.   No accountability, no transparency - no Feyre Home.Supima Cotton provided everything we wanted.  Supima are a not for profit organisation.  Their job is to protect the Supima brand on behalf of the Farmers that grow it. The Supima name means Superior Pima Cotton and can only be grown in certain areas of the USA. It’s rare and equates to 1% of the Global Cotton production.  It is the extra-long staple cotton fibres which is what makes the cotton stronger, softer and keeps your colours more vibrant for longer. Our entire supply chain has to be licenced to Supima to ensure authenticity. This meant we could only use 3 manufacturers in all of Asia to make our Bedlinen.Because of Supima’s partnership with Oritain- the forensic fingerprint specialists, we could guarantee we were paying for and receiving authentic Supima Cotton. Once our samples were made, we sent them over to the Supima head office in the USA for DNA testing.  Oritain take samples of the soil and the surrounding environment where the Supima Cotton is grown, and this allows them to pin point the exact place the cotton was grown. There is a saying we have at Feyre Home, ‘’We know where our cotton comes from,  do you?We at Feyre Home are happy that ‘transparency is the new black’ because that is who we are.
  • 5 Questions you need to ask yourself when choosing bedlinen colours for your Bedroom

    Image and Styling by salt_interior_stylist

    Assist vv_interiorspaces and lighthousedesign

    The question I get asked the most is "What colour Bedlinen would suit my Bedroom?" We spend 1/3 of our lives in Bed so let's get this right!We sat down with Interior Stylist and Podcaster Lauren Keenan for her top 5 questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your Bedlinen Colours.(Please email us and we will happily send you a colour swatch.)

    Image by Dave Kulesza, Styling by Bea and Co Style and aboutkp

     A McKimm Build for The Local Project

    You’ve bought the super comfortable bed and the expensive bedside tables. You’ve found an artwork you love. And the flooring and curtains are done too.There’s just one thing left to decide. And it’s an important one. What colour bedding should you opt for?Your choice of colour for your bed linen can have a real impact on the overall look of your room.Here are five important questions to ask yourself to make your choice of colour a little easier:

    Image By Kmode

    1. What colour is your bedroom furniture? 
    If your furniture is a lighter timber or fabric, then choosing bedding in a darker colour like navy or charcoal will give you a high contrast. And of course this works in reverse too with darker furniture and lighter bedding. The high contrast look works best when other design elements in the room are kept quite clean and simple.
    2. What sort of mood do you want to create? If you’d like to create a calm and soft space, then lighter colours like white and pale grey and blue will certainly help to give you that sanctuary feeling. Pair it up with a linen throw and a boho fringed cushion for the ultimate in laidback luxe.If a moody or cosy interior is more your style, then choose a darker colour like charcoal or navy for your bedding and then accessorise with a chunky knit throw and a tan leather cushion.
    3.  How’s the natural light? If your bedroom is a little lacking in the natural light department, then keep your choice of bedding on the pale side. Think bright whites or silvery grey. These colours will help to reflect the natural light around your room rather than absorb it.
    4. What’s on the floor?  The type of flooring in your bedroom is also a factor in which colour bedding you choose. Many bedrooms these day have a grey or beige carpet. If you’re worried about clashes then keep it simple with either a fresh white or a deep charcoal.
    5. What artwork will you be hanging above the bed? A beautiful artwork above the bed is a must-have for a luxe sleeping space and will be perfectly complemented by the right colour bedding. Take inspiration from the colours in your artwork when choosing a hue for your bedding. If your artwork is black and white then pick either white or charcoal quilt cover for a timeless look.
    If you’d like more advice on how to style up your beautiful Feyre Home products you can email stylist Lauren Keenan at

    Supima® is the only branded cotton fibre with a fully transparent, authentic and completely traceable Supply Chain. This means we can guarantee where our cotton comes from theres not many brands that can lay claim to that!

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    They say every day is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. When you shop with us, no matter what day of the year it is – we want it to feel like a gift.

    When you buy any of our stunning quality bedlinen – for yourself, or as a gift for family or friends, your package will come in our beautiful Feyre Home gift box – at no extra cost!

    Our beautiful gift box is made from high quality recycled materials and it can be used to store your bedlinen or store anything else you can think of!

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  • The Feyre Home Difference - 7 Reasons to buy your bedlinen from Feyre home

    1. We're a family business focused on trust and integrity
    2. We're a wife and husband team with over 30 years of combined textile industry experience. We have started with a blank canvas with a vision to bring back quality bedlinen and home textile products to the market with a focus on product ingredients, craftsmanship and authenticity. The Feyre Home philosophy is Trust and integrity is not is earned. We believe trust and integrity isn't created, it's earned. Sick of the misinformation and false promises from other companies we wanted to create a range thats affordable, accessible, totally transparent but never compromises on quality.

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