We believe there is beauty in simplicity. We believe the basics of everyday life deserve to be beautiful.

Our philosophy is to source and supply only highly specialised, rare, authentic, traceable, luxurious and sustainable textile and home furnishing products.

We have scoured the globe in search of the highest quality cotton available for our very first bedlinen range and found that American Supima® Cotton stood out on every level.

Supima® Cotton is known as the world's finest cotton, yet only accounts for less than 1% of the world's cotton production. It offers a quality superior to anything else on the market.

When you choose Feyre Home you choose simple beauty and quality without compromise.


With an extensive background in sourcing, development and identification of textiles, we have taken the best of our years of experience and knowledge to create a home furnishing brand superior to anything else on the market.We have spent over a year perfecting the formula for our bedlinen and we are so excited for you to try it out.

Because of our background we knew how much of a mark-up was put on retail products. We also were aware that big brand outlet stores had a lot of specially engineered products made that were not of the quality the customer may expect of that brand. We simply could not find high end quality home furnishings that were affordable and could prove their authenticity.

Feyre Home was born from the name Feyre, a girl's name meaning 'beautiful'

Feyre Home furnishings bring beauty into your everyday and offer a superior quality to anything else available on the market.

While bed linen is our first range category, we intend to grow Feyre Home into a complete home furnishings and homewares destination of high end, affordable, contemporary and timeless pieces.

Welcome to the Feyre Home Family