Jun 01 , 2018

Feyrehome Australia Admin


Supima® is the only branded cotton fiber with a fully transparent, authentic and completely traceable Supply Chain. This means we can guarantee where our cotton comes from there are not many brands that can lay claim to that!

It's for this reason, we at Feyre Home chose to exclusively use Supima® cotton for our bed linen ranges. The source and quality of Supima® extra-long-staple cotton are essential to the standard of bed linen we produce. Our Supima® cotton is not blended with any inferior quality cotton fiber. You can feel the difference! We know where our cotton comes from – do you?


Supima® stands for Superior Pima cotton. Supima® is a special and rare cotton fibre known as the worlds finest cotton. Supima® makes up less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide and only 3% of the total cotton grown in the USA. 
Supima® is 100% extra-long staple cotton grown only in the western part of USA (California, West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona). The Supima® brand was established in 1954 to protect the authenticity and integrity of extra long staple American cotton. Luxury, quality and traceability are the benchmarks of American-grown, extra long staple Supima® cotton.



Theres so much information (and misinformation) on the market that when it comes to picking a beautiful bed linen set for the home, it can be so easy to get confused. The reason we chose Supima® for our first ever bed linen range at Feyre Home, is because Supima® cotton provides an extra- long staple cotton that is far superior in all aspects to any other cotton on the market.

Supima® has more in all aspects of what we love about cotton: its strength, softness and colour retention. Compared to other cotton fibres:

Supima® cotton has superior length and fineness. It is 35% longer than average cotton making for superior, stronger, smoother and cleaner yarns, resulting in softer to touch and comfortable fabrics that have a higher resistance to pilling.

Supima® cotton is 45% stronger than regular cotton (due to the strength of the individual fibres) which makes for extraordinarily resilient products and allows for light weight bed linen fabrics that drape beautifully and breathe comfortably.

Supima® delivers brilliant, long lasting colour, which results in a longer lasting product. As Supima® fibres are finer than regular cotton, the colour dyes can penetrate much more easily and deeper into the yarn than regular cottons. This means when you buy Feyre Home bed linen you can expect more vibrant colours that stay much longer and fade less over time.

With proper care bedlinen made from Supima® will only get softer over time.



Supima® cotton is traceable throughout the full Supima® Supply Chain. This covers all links in the supply chain from cotton grower, ginning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and make up. This is essential to guarantee the integrity of product quality throughout the entire Supply Chain.

Fabrics can be DNA tested, so only products and brands that have passed the evaluation process of only using 100% Supima® extra-long staple cotton can use the Supima® brand labels and packaging.

For more information on the totally transparent supply chain for all Supima® stockists, visit http://supima.com/industry-news/transparency-and-traceability/